From time immemorial Indians have been greeting each other with hands joined before their breasts. This is the traditional namaste. But like many other forms and practices springing from our culture, it has lost much of its significance and is often observed without feeling or appreciation.
The author now examins this tradition closely in a new book and not only brings to life the symbolism embodied in the namaste gesture but also reveals its real worth as a means of expressing and cultivating those qualities which were recognised by the yogi’s as the mainstay of spiritual growth and inner strength. In doing so he has picked up athread which, running through diverse aspects of our culture, enables him to present his own inside into a wide range of subjects and affairs, current, ancient and traditional.

Oud boek in dito staat (zie foto’s).

Alle spullen die wij verkopen zijn tweedehands en kunnen dus lichte gebruikssporen hebben. Gebruikssporen worden zo goed mogelijk vermeld en indien mogelijk op de foto’s getoond.

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